Economists are cunning

as a pack of hungry worms

I saw a news article on deflation and how dangerous it was. Please make up your fing minds. If the price of gas is 10 cents a gallon and I still get to keep my salary the same, I win. If the price of gas is $10 a gallon and my salary stays the same and I am squirreled. If prices are low, fixed wage laborer wins, if prices are high the laborer loses and the amount of tax the gov gets per sale percentage is more. It seems to me that deflation is good for a fixed wage and means less profit for corporations to buy influence and less revenue for the government to build terminator robots to kill us with.

Of course IANAE ( I am not an economist ) and is there really such a thing?

I personally think deflation is a Win+Win+Win situation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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