User support comparison MS and Linux

The comparison crosses too vast a chasm to be realistic. The scale becomes lost when you compare non-existent with immediate and personal. I have never had an occasion where Microsoft provided adequate support for any product that it ever created. On the flip side:
I noticed that the documentation for a utility that comes with Linux had a bad link in a "man" page. If you are not familiar with command line Linux, "man" is short for manual. If I am working at a terminal shell running commands and scripts I would do "man sftp" or any program that is in the system.

It is also possible to use Konqueror and specify the address as "man:ftp" without the quotes of course. Konqueror will even prompt you with possible completions when you are typing in a manual name. This interface is where most people might encounter a man page.

Alright, back to the comparison. So I wondered how to contact somebody to get that fixed. I searched the net, went on IRC, studied the history of the program, went to its source, and finally in a vastly ironic twist I read the "man" file which had the flaw and there in the documentation was an explanation of how to fix errors in the documentation itself. DOH!

I can imagine the conversation:
User:"I have a mistake in my manual and want to help fix it."
User:"No, the mistake is IN the manual."
User:"Oh, go to hell. BYE!"

Definition of acronyms:
RTFM = Read The Fine Manual
DOH! = Duh OMG Help ( Okay I made this up, you caught me. )
IRC = Inter Relay Chat


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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