From the heart of darkness to light

I am modding a PyMol style data base today to integrate in my GUU( Grand Unified Universe ) program to model from the structure of the proton and neutron, to the fields they produce and the movement of the electrons in that field, to the interaction of those atoms at various Ek , to the molecules they form, to amino acids, to DNA, to cellular structure, to cellular function and states, to systems emergence, and finally the operation and interaction of the biological systems produced, and the programs that control it all.

This is my ultimate focus and as a result I have taken many a detour to analyze methods that can be used in the process. It seems to be resolving into a common framework that I can control automatically and through scripts. It is possible to realign various sections of this to determine if I have the basic principles correct by comparing the ultimate product to a known physical product. In my case I am using the ant as a benchmark organism as it is everywhere and complex in its social structure and behavior, along with a very specific form and neural structure.

And this image just because it is recursive on SO many levels.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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