An analysis, the way I do it

I shouldn't have to warn people that I just speculate on things to find a reasonable mechanism and then test it, if it seems to be of value to know for certain. But here it is CAVEAT reader.

When I am faced with a problem, I start by looking at the whole and then focus on the detail. In the case of resvertrol it is a naturally occurring compound that is produced in a plant. This means that it can be farmed ( or pharmed ) in a biological sense and should really cost little more than any other compound when farmed correctly. The mechanism of action is from without the cells and then to trigger an effect within the cells. I would suspect that some people have a genetic mechanism which is sloppy enough that this gets activated anyway at various times.

Economy of action to produce effect would seem to imply that having the gene and regulatory combination that is part of the activation pathway would be a "free" alternative as opposed to trying to deliver a chemical, have it absorbed, activate the mechanism, cause the effect and be repeated when the consumer "feels" it will help.

I favor the mitochondrial operating system that allows debug instructions and sequences to be run in the cell framework. I see it as no different than any other control system that might operate a huge facility like a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility, using GEM/SECS and LANs with control buses and sub process stations that control gases, motors, robot arms, product RF sensors, personnel, and a wide range of other things like environmental control.

It still does not answer the larger question, which comes into focus when you pan away from the detail. Why do people feel a need to spend most of their effort building machines to kill and energy killing each other. The amount of labor required to build an Atomic bomb and keep it in a hardened silo to be used to produce doomsday seems to be an utter waste of time. If they want doomsday, let us just have it and be done, otherwise use the energy and power source to feed somebody, provide education, or "horror of horrors" do nothing with it and just enjoy what is there.

ADDED: I had to add this because I was responding to a post about this subject and realized that in the holistic sense of looking at ALL the consequences of a change in a complex system, the chemical is available to every cell and associated organism in the body and as a result would have an effect on each of these in different ways. It would seem logical that such a chemical would help cancer cells to live better, cause harmful bacteria to be more resilient, and have some effects which could not be predicted without having a complete knowledge of what organisms live in the same environmental complex that is life. Not all organisms (that are associated with a normal healthy person) are known.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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