Blend my Universe in the sky with DNA diamonds

I have delved deeper into the core of Blender and the deeper I get the more I like. Verse is a collaborative network, make human works, DNA for models, rag doll physics, interactive displays, render networks, sound, Python, speech, movement, water, storms, interactive games, blended movies, impossibly beautiful art, and too many things to even discuss anymore. If you want to see where the Uni-verse is headed, get blender and meet me in Andromeda.

It is a skip and a jump from what is done and integration of a "blend to reality" interface that builds real computers, neurons, and objects. If I can get my computer linked properly in the network, all the things that I wanted to achieve, will be automatic in the framework that already exists. It is very difficult to collaborate out of context. The newest blender context I have is light years beyond what I had before. I could put up AVIs and OGGs all day and you could not appreciate the rate of expansion that is taking place by the integration of new technology and tools. It embodies a virtual transport into the realm of dream reality in real time. The combination with the Linux distributed computation model and the number of machines I have access to, makes it more effective and it is nearly beyond my ability to grasp what takes place automatically between all the nodes and the internet.

It is going to be a long weekend, starting now!

An interactive 4D collaborative environment that allows exactly what I imagined. Low bandwidth incremental change to be expressed to achieve bandwidths that are impossible with a raster graphic mind set. SVG is one thing and this is the extension to VR. I walk on the shoulders of giants and genius today.


Anonymous said...

mIRC, collaborative forms, link pages, model repositories, MMO interface to simultaneous edit blender , distributed computing beowulf cluster blender-render. YouBlend video base generated as it is viewed :) from a script. Fractional trie render pipeline. YouMake generates real devices from what you imagine and sends them to you by UPS and FedEX. Have your Linux Mafia card ready, because we only take egoboo payments.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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