And why does the military need to simulate the brain

It is actually a war that I have recognized for some time and this is real. There may be no explosions or heroic leaps of faith and determination, it may only be the whimpering sound of natural life being extinguished forever. Here is a link to some discussion of what, who, where, and how it is being proposed. The problem with always using technology against others ( as opposed to with I.E. open source ) is that there are an unlimited number of ways to destroy and very few to create. I thought of an odd connection. From my last post, if I can program that computer with images and they don't know how that is done or which images to avoid exposing their computer to, I have already pwnd them and they won't be done for years. On top of that, how do they intend to look for something when the act of looking becomes dangerous. Boy, Pandora should have gotten this one, but I want to communicate with other species and so it stays on my table for the moment.

The mindscape of the world becomes ever more strange and deadly with each passing nanosecond.


Anonymous said...

Because they don't have one?

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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