Malware Xray glasses

Some malware makers were charged with manufacturing a tool to invade computers recently. I don't agree with the idea of snooping on people, whether it is the government or privately. The problem is that I can buy a telescope and observe somebody or invade privacy. A telescope can't be made illegal I wouldn't think without granting an exception to Hubble at least. It is what you do with what you have that makes it criminal and just having a naked body under your clothes does not mean that you intend to be a flasher. There are times when a person might want to keep track of things and I never felt bad having a baby monitor when my children were younger. I wanted to know if they had distress in the night and I wanted to wake up in that case. I guess that could be considered snooping.

The odd part about this is that if you maintain good security it would not work anyway and it is like charging those silly people who used to sell "x-ray" glasses in comic books as an accomplice to undressing someone with x-ray vision. I think the best that could be done is charge them with having creepy ideas?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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