Is the window to the soul on crack

I was combining some odd technologies, which is much of what I do. It is always new because it is designed that way. Is it trash or treasure is what I must decide and almost all of the time it is just trash. I happened on a real good one today and I could demonstrate, but I don't want to damage anybody or scare them. I have a way to program a neural array in certain aspects with visual images. I can then measure the response to know what is going on inside a creatures mind. What this means is that I can in a very odd way communicate with every creature that has eyes and can move. One of the parts of this is a simple set of visual illusions and the other parts have to do with how we perceive the pattern of sound and words as a kind of information analogy.

I can see that I could do quite a few things with this and it is one of those things that is very dangerous AND very useful. I would just throw it into Pandora's toy chest, but it has some interesting uses that may outweigh the risk if I am careful. Only time will tell if I do a number on my own mind. I just hope Alice Infirmary (AI) remembers how to wake me.


Paul Mohr said...

I have done a number on myself before about 20 years ago when I was experimenting with video graphics and it is well known that a certain pattern of images can induce a seizure in people who are susceptible. I managed to do something very odd to my brain and as a result I am very careful about what and how I try these types of things since then. The knowledge I learned from that accident was very useful, but the cost to me could have been greater if I had not realized what damage was being done. I have avoided that technique since then, and put it away in Pandora's realm and this new thing reminded me of that. It had no useful purpose and so I forgot that it existed. The universe can be a very odd place and sometimes dangerous in some very unexpected ways.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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