Inside Tut's brain looking out

There goes another one of those milestones of science fiction. I know now how memory works. It is always so obvious once you figure it out and is nothing before that. I have troubleshot some of the most complex computer systems that exist and it is always like that. When you start it is impossible and the answer has no reality. People speculate on the cause and if they were correct, it would have already been fixed by the time I got involved. So it is always that way and though it makes me think people are stupid for not knowing, I was stupid until the moment of discovery.

It makes for some real f'd up shit to happen. If I have a warrant for your memory ...... It would certainly clear up the issue of intent. Odd part it IS possible to get memories from a brain that is no longer living, or even intact. I watched part of an episode of "Fringe" about this and the part about memories jumping from one brain to another is pure BS, but getting memories from one person to another would be tricky, but possible with the right equipment. Oh dear, it is possible and this is supposed to be science "fiction" from the future. You really know when singularity has happened when a brand new science fiction show is out of date before they can produce it.

I'm not sure, but how could you watch a "Buck Rogers" movie on a flight to Alpha Centauri and not find that totally silly. There are some issues that don't have complete solutions so I will just say that I can make a memory analog that functions like biological memory and leave it at that. It always helps to know what parts are involved and how they interact, because it makes it easy to see how certain things could lead to "instinct".

I really don't like it though, because each of these things have existential implications that are definitely unresolved and it confuses me. It also makes it possible to see some things from a new perspective, but that is like icing on a rock that hits you in the head.

Clerk says, "I see you're getting Human Neuroscience V3.86, I know your going to like it because I got it yesterday." Customer laughs uncomfortably.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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