Alien I (AI)

It seems reasonable based on what I have considered in the way of space travel that it is far more sensible to send intelligent bioprobes to investigate and report back information from exo-planets and other objects. I could send spore devices in all directions and give them all a unique ID or use very localized communications to establish their identity and position.

I am not in a position to use sub-nuclear power for any device, however it will eventually be developed and it allows for neutrino based communications that can be very well directed to a point in space many light years away. It also allows for virtually unlimited energy for a remote probe. The idea of having a device which is simply the precursor core, ( like a single cell becomes and entire organism or even an entire society for ant-like or other creatures that clone themselves ) that expands to the environment it encounters and then establishes communications with its origin. I could imagine that it would be possible to make a probe that would identify all life forms on a planet and select an organism that best suited its purpose and simply use their built in utility to create a channel back to ORI ( a genetics acronym that means origin of replication ). The idea that there would be a "nanomachine" race seems a bit absurd to me personally because the universe and chemistry points to Carbon as being the best atom to design around and it blends seamlessly with life, if you understand the mechanics of the systems.

It is my cultured opinion that we are now already in contact with other species and that scientists are ignoring the obvious consequence of what is already possible. The very nature of this type of carbon based explorer would leave no trace in harsh environments and be reabsorbed by any indigenous carbon based life. In addition the use of gravity based or neutrino technology would place these cultures beyond the observation of mainstream science as it exists today. It sounds very much like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" without all the doomsday implications of existential destruction or eugenic overtones. It seems the most sensible way to say hello. So, Hello!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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