kraft analyzed for craft quality

So it is version 0.30 so don't expect too much. It is well formed for such a complex project.It is designed right from the core which is good.

I know that I go too far sometimes and that is what may differentiate me from an automaton. So I keep getting this error on mySQL with kraft. In the process I reread my SQL book and I now have a handle on that. I guess it just takes some time for the concepts to become familiar. I also grasp many new things about the relationship of schema to XML and DBM. I also learned many new things about the word schema and many alternate meanings. ( massive side trip into psychology and other areas).

So I pulled out my casting runes and set about hunting.

Analyzing kraft source package for easy invoicing and using MySQL
Methods Observations Conclusions
I grabbed the source. Unpacked it as I always do by looking at the zipped archive structure to be sure it has its own directory structure. (I have been burned before by zips that decode in the download directory and then are like getting rid of jello in zero gravity) Found new version Pleasant surprise it is an active WIP ( Work In Progress )™ presently 0.30
Run "./configure" and it seemed to have all the stuff it needed. No failures Okay to go.
Run "make" and it cranked for a few minutes and completed without err. No failures Okay to go.
The first rune I cast was objdump on the executable Eek! it's ascii! That was unexpected!
So I edited it. An excuse why it can't be compiled :( :( . It stated it was a temporary fix to glue all the stuff together and that seemed a bit ODD. <joke>They say that C++ allows you to make mistakes twice as fast as C.
I opened up one of the source files with "kate" sparse comments with German no big
Find in files "*.c*" "schema" 3 matches kraftdb.cpp -- line 219: emitstatusMessage( i18n( "Database schema not up to date" ) );
MOD SOURCE Inscrutable error message is NOT informative!! I fixed that for them
Checkout SQL scripts used to update SQL schema from 1 to 11 Seems odd that they upgrade using 11 different files and the numbers don't always match and they are incremented so conversions start at 2. I guess it is just a style issue. No decision on the validity of this method yet or why they chose to do it in this way. I will have to add some diagnostic output to see why some of the data base commands fail.

BTW, "control + z" works when editing blog posts on Google blogs to revert from a mistake!! I think that is new.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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