This Linux package is wrong

I was playing with the AntMaze xscreensaver and I can see that this package that has not been maintained since 2005 is malfunctioned. I was expecting to find an interesting algorithm for traversing a maze and so I started mucking around with the source. I learned how the XML configuration files work and learned the appropriate methods to create a screensaver that could be used for OSX also.

I found these problems in the source:
  1. Texture created incorrectly
  2. Ants positioned inside surfaces
  3. No algorithm at all for mazing
  4. Odd textures and lots of commented out code

All in all it is not bad, but it is not right and the snapshot is with changes I made and I may submit it for release with KDE, Gnome and wherever it might be used. If you compare the snapshot before I made changes you will see that shadows exist now and ants are not inside the surface of the material. I also changed the action of the ants to correspond to how an insect actually moves and it might be disturbing as it does seem like it could be confused with a real insect if I correct the texture and change the reflectivity and add a bit more complexity to the models.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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