Ant mazes analysis

The xscreensaver package contains a source for antmaze and I have also been learning about how the screen savers initialize and how these are configured by their xml files. I assume I will learn something there also as it involves a simple maze and a simple bot that moves through the maze.

I finished about 5% of the blender character animation tutorial and had to allow some of it to sink in before I do the next stage. I was able to use mirroring, shaping, Subsurf and am fairly quick at using the shortcut keys like F2 to save and + to increment save version. I was able to start with a single square and end up with a 3D image of a face with eyes, mouth, nose, and chin in less than an hour. I am beginning to grasp the overall capabilities of the program and it is another open source project that is impressive in its achievement. They have to be some very talented and considerate people to produce this work for the world as a whole. It is definitely more effective than a commercial package such as Poser. If you don't program it may be better to use Poser, but you will never achieve the level of design possible when you can mod the source itself. The picture above is a screen shot of the blender program with a model I created starting with a mesh->plane.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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