Scripting blender

Before I create an interface that pipes mouse and key commands to blender I am investigating this link to SaltShaker which is Python scripting for blender and this is part of my ongoing attempt to integrate antfarmgl, XML, XUL, neurons, DNA genotype to phenotype, chemical system modeling , distributed and emergent networks, automatic documentation generation, auto configure and automake, to create a composite process that is coherent.

I think that Python scripting is a little bit of a side adventure, however I have learned Python and I can apply it in this context and see how easy it is to implement as part of a coherent interactive framework for relating machine/ neuron recognition with model construction and physical device construction or genetic / chemical modification.

I am also continuing with the simulated ant screensaver and I have a basic layout of what I want to incorporate, which is the ability to make the ants move under control of a neural array that modifies the contraction of muscle models to apply leverage to the exoskeleton. I have also sketched out a sensor system which uses symbolic hairs and chemical sensors on the antenna, body and legs to allow the ant model to identify its relationship to the environment. I think that integration of all this knowledge in a single framework is getting near, however the patchwork of scripts, Python, C, utilities, and other elements needs to be compressed into a single XML + C approach IMHO ( at this point anyway ).

This started with antfarmgl and though I could hack something together that works, it does not serve anyone to produce a code sytem this complex without considering all of the issues of support, documentation and ease of use.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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