The combination of technology and capability leads to some very interesting things. The organism that was discovered which can fix nitrogen and use radioactive decay is a useful tool in decontaminating radioactive waste. I made a little sci-fi story about it eating nuclear weapons, but it seems that it could be put to good use. It has always been the case that people use nature in novel ways to ease their life.

The idea that a termite can be a green energy source is one that I assumed would happen eventually and ants are an even better resource as they can farm biological or nuclear waste and produce energy. The combination of ants as farmers and the organism that ( potentially ) gathers energy from atomic waste would seem to be a likely choice for something green and less likely to produce side effects like nano technology that requires rare and expensive elements that are often toxic in the biological sense.

The title relates to something that I realized is happening with people. They like to ride around in cars because it is a sensation and the mind is a very poor tool for determining its own motives.

With blender I realized that I could actually script the entire tutorial I am studying in XML and create a program that starts blender, takes over the mouse and keyboard and resets blender to a known state and then proceeds to do exactly what I would do in terms of creating a base model, extruding, removing vertexes, subsurf, scale, rotate, add textures, animate and save. It results in another level of interactive complexity that allows my other programs to receive models created by their own design and feedback the recognition and comparison with real world objects and neural array action as animation.

bio-bots and trans genetic materials is likely the new technology future as it is easy to manufacture ( makes itself ) can be programmed if you understand the code, and even cleans up after itself. A simple organism has a fantastic amount of complex mechanism that is tuned to nature and an attempt to rebuild this from 'scratch' as nano machines seems ridiculous. By simply using that which is already available in an effective way, the gain is astronomical over mechanical manufacture of parts at the atomic level.

Another area that is far beyond current technology is currently being studied and still in its infancy. That is using the nucleus to fabricate memory. It also has the potential to be an integrated power source that allows organisms to be independent of their immediate environment, "think rebreather".

The economy seems like it is creating a new depression and I doubt that. What is happening is that the old guard is being consumed and the new technology and a new generation will rise from the ashes, stronger and smarter and better able to deal with the future. Wall street has become obsolete. Nothing is physically changed by changes in stock prices. It is an indication that the principles driving industry and government are not as effective as new techniques of economy and those who have 'invested' themselves in their ability to adapt to new information have suffered for their leaders' failure to evolve.


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If I created a biological device from this [ bacteria that lives on radioactivity ] that spread around the Earth and ate Uranium and Plutonium, would it be considered a weapon or a defense from the standpoint of an individual or even a nation? I guess it would be a moot point if they couldn't threaten to nuke them for making a weapon that ended weapons.

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Automated Intelligence
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