Science fiction of the day

Quick short story. <Real part>They found bacteria that live in rock below the surface of the earth. They live on the radioactive decay of materials. Ants can handle radioactive materials without harm to themselves.<SciFi part>They contaminated a shipment of nuclear waste since bacteria cannot be contained, no matter what precautions are used. As a result they evolved to import the radioactive elements and thus separated the radioactive materials from the stable elements. As a result they also mutated more quickly and became very effective at maintaining their DNA, like ants. They produced spores and they landed on nuclear reactors and sites of Uranium mining and missile silos where they removed the radioactive component and effectively disarmed the entire planet of nuclear weapons, without anybody catching on.

I use the open source SVG libraries along with inkscape and direct modification of xml to create images on occasion and this cat image evolved from there :)
The story itself is possible and that, IMHO , makes good science fiction.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen