Give me the X-prize for DNA

A new sequencing method that I thought of this morning might work. I have done RFLP and sequencing and understand the normal equipment that is used. I think that a different approach would be cheaper and combines some techniques to make a continuous conversion genetic sequencer.

I have designed software, hardware, instrumentation, and installed instrumentation for major international companies, so I speak from experience when I say that a good idea does not always work in practice, but this is the answer that I suspect is best. ( I did my first real work in quantitative and qualitative analysis 39 years ago before I got into computers and recently completed graduate courses in molecular genetics and cloning and lab techniques.).

DNA is flowed through a reaction chamber ( H2O ) in a slow centrifuge or just gravity to provide differential movement based on mass. The DNA passes several points where it can bind with complementary sequences that are ordered to avoid interference. If the possible association binds, then the combined product is heavier and passes through a different gate. Tagging the known sequences with P allows them to be read. It would not work for a complete unknown, but if you were looking for properties that are common to a general population it would tell you which genes or sequences existed in that strand of DNA and the materials could be disassociated and reused for the next cycle.

Since the answers that are needed come from a limited set it could even be used quantitatively to indicate the number of fragment matches ( copies of tRNA for a specific amino acid ). Certainly such a mechanism could be created and though it seems that I might be giving away a business, I know that it is possible to directly read the sequence using other simple non-destructive techniques and I suppose I am just posting to hear myself type.

Perhaps what I am saying is that: X+n>X and X+2n>X+n.

Costs water:DNA:phosphorous ∑0


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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