Predatory actions

This article at Dilbert seems to side step the main issue. It is a house game when you loan money to others. It depends on the fact that all resources that exist are already controlled by someone else and it is necessary to pay a tribute to possess the value of the world. In a world where the resources are effectively unlimited, then it just depends on how those resources are used.

I am part American Indian and so perhaps my views are skewed. If the animals run free and you simply take a few now and then to feed yourself, nature provides. If you kill all the buffalo and then put what is left in pens and control access, then you have an economy like what exists in the world. The amount of natural resources is less than what supports natural life due to population growth.

Of course they are predatory. The can be nothing less if they ascribe to the principle that they own the Earth and can charge anybody who is born to have access to limited resources. I don't say it is wrong, it is just one way of dealing with nature and perhaps it destroys nature by its process.People can say they own something if they will kill to control it. The question is whether that action is ultimately rational and I think not. I recently found that it is possible to extract all of the energy from matter and this would provide a clean nuclear power. The result is that energy is no longer limited in the same sense as now and energy with process can create any material that is necessary for life, whether ATP, heat, pure H2O, shelter, or whatever else is needed. The limited availability of energy and space leads to a condition that allows feudal systems. Unlimited energy also allows the colonization of space and thus removes one more area that can be controlled and used to gain without doing work. The downside of unlimited energy is the fact it allows for unlimited effect, which means total destruction if one wishes. The only safety when every person has a fusion bomb is space between people. People NEED to be in space soon™ ( like yesterday ) !


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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