Methods of analysis

I wouldn't call it new math because math is a concept and can never be new once it is conceptualized that things can be modeled with symbols. I have a new technique which may well solve the multi-body computation problem. It seems that computation is unnecessarily convoluted by the way in which the calculations are made with respect to the idea of a particle. I am guessing that I am duplicating and extending some work done in the past. I find that many of my ideas that are new to me have been studied in some branch of science, however, it is very difficult for any individual to encompass all of the techniques that have previous investigation. I saw an interesting item on Bayesian statistics and psychology on Overcoming Bias. Considering whether the observer is part of the experiment and the probabilities.

To paraphrase. Bag with 2 marbles.

  • Ask if one is black. If so, what are chances of 2 black?
    1. 50-50 (bw) and (bb) implies bb is 50% likely.
  • Ask if one is white. If so, what are chances of 2 white?
    1. 50-50 (ww)(wb)


The seeming paradox makes one realize that the experimenter has skewed the data so it is no longer random by selecting a specific set. This very similar to the showcase showdown. (I have 52 cards and remove 48 which are not the Ace) What are the odds of picking an Ace from what is left? If you say 1:13 then I want to play poker with you for money.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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