Andrew Bacevich ideas

I watched Andrew Bacevich of Boston University on public TV last light and I think he has nailed the structure and function of the US quite well. It is a hollow process that is sucking air ( and has been for 30 years) and is in a collapse. Neither of the candidates offers any hope for solution and the next president is likely to preside over the implosion of the US. I just hope I can be out in space when it happens. I don't think that any of the other countries or even EU will fare well in this process. It is the same kind of conditions that existed to start WWII. Things in this world have become interdependent and it is difficult to say what absolutely necessary elements of other countries economies will be impacted.

It is also a natural consequence of technological change. Any new understanding of the universe leads to a shift in how it is to be applied and the long and unresponsive process of government guarantees that any country that is not light on its feet will trip. I suppose that every country will be caught short by the new understanding of physics. I suppose there has to be a war because people can't resolve things any other way. It is inherent in the character of the race to continue the evolution of the most vicious creature contest.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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