Networks and bandwidth

I have considered the appropriate topology of a network of objects for a very long time. One of the interesting things is that a point to many is not a problem, but many to a point is. The idea of centralized control of networks would just about kill the internet as a possible usable method of communicating between individuals. It is very clear that the governments of the world hate the internet and it interferes with the process of force feeding the government pablum on everybody.

Certainly the phone company is a good ally again in that process and centralized internet from a wired broadcast station is what the government will introduce. In the guise of protecting people from network terrorists and child porn and copyright infringement, they will establish a monopoly that feeds the government through the company that implements its information control. It will be the 40's again and the governments will tell the people what to think and how good it is to have a health program to keep people ready to fight the pointless and continuous wars that entertain the royalty.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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