My Linux stock went up today

The value of my Linux system has not dropped a bit since the beginning of the monetary crisis ( in fact I have several new tools ). I have been working on self replicating mechanisms to replace medicine ( medical ) manufacturing and materials manufacture. This is unchanged by the problems that occur in companies that use OPM ( other people's money ). It is an absurd system in my opinion.

I have been trying out NoScripts and that seems like a good software. It is a bit irritating at times, but if it gives me more control over my own content, and makes me more safe in being able to use my resources for my purpose ( stops click-jacking ), it is worth it.

I have been integrating DocBooks, SGML, XML, automatic source code document generation, cMake, automatic code generation from XML, openGL, nanomachines, bio-informatics, AI, .deb packaging, UDP, networks, and dozens of other methods. It is a terribly complex process and I have done this before when designing my own hardware and software with my own OS. I have learned that I need to spend a lot of time making the core transparent and documented or I will suffer later when it needs changes as it always does.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen