Dream light stars

The light of the hidden stars will make the universe a bit more understandable, but perhaps it will be scary to some. It is one thing to wonder about new life and something else to actually experience it. I saw an article on an organism that lives by itself 1.5 miles below the surface of the Earth and fixes its own Nitrogen and produces energy without sunlight. I was sure that was there and there are more. It is the holographic representation of a system which must have certain parts and due to that fact these things must exist to complete the picture. With the advances of microscopy to view living molecules at a nanoscale they will soon discover that there are forms of life that do not use DNA in the usual sense. It shows the arrogance of science again. I am not saying that I know everything. Quite the opposite. I know a lot of things that others haven't guessed yet, but I am never so arrogant as to think I have discovered everything. It is impossible to know everything and we will be forever surprised at what is possible.

I am certain that no matter what methods that NASA used to sterilize their craft, they have sent Earth life to other planets already.

I would bet that nationalization of business wil proceed rather quickly once it starts. The government will not trim itself ever. It grows and that is the nature of power. It must fund itself and if there is no profit, it must take the businesses themselves and enforce labor on people.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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