Hope for Physics

The process of understanding and using the rules of universe is not something that has to be inscrutable. There is certainly hope in what some people are looking at. It seems obvious to me, however, it must be very confusing to others if they accept certain things as immutable. I look at science as a process. The idea that people cannot be contradicted by virtue of their position is absurd. It is like the Pope defining the nature of the stars and if observation conflicts we must just accept that some things are paradoxical.

I think it is potentially possible that somebody else will understand the process of energy == matter in the universe. The consequence has more to do with how people act than what they know. If a person's only motivation is to get their leg on somebody else's neck, then they will continue to do that. I personally do not see the advantage in using people as tools. If energy is available and computation is more effective in determining methods applied and materials of mechanical systems are more effective in application, the need to slave others is simply a personal bad habit of social origin.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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