Monopoly of people

I had a very interesting thought. If people could agree what a fair price for a specific product was, and agreed by consensus then if the price asked exceeded that value then people would stop buying the product, no matter what the cost to the individual. It is a way to enforce a consumer monopoly. If gas were deemed to be worth $2.06 per gallon and any place in the world sold for higher than that value, then it would not be purchased. If it were sold for less than that it would also be boycotted.

Certainly the people who use (consume ) any given commodity that is non-essential could set any price that they want. Since the world is so connected, people as consumers can agree when it is not a dictatorship. I could say that I will buy no more chocolate bars until the price is at such a value that it allows a reasonable cost of doing business and no more. It seems that manufacturers would be more forthcoming.

Wall street plays with the market all the time and they are doing things that steal money from everybody by fiddling with the fair and reasonable price of any commodity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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