The face of reason

Correlation of many different aspects of a system allows a person to be certain of the results. It is like aligning a thousand key holes and when they are properly arranged then it is a proof of the solution as the light shines through. I assume that the universe is logical at some level and that has never failed me. I am very close to having an interface that will integrate and interpret all of the information on the internet in a single context. A rating that tells me if it is sensible , new , coherent , informative , usable , and allows the aspect of the information to be determined in a way that is scaled coherent. Much like the prerequisites for using a particular package that uses library functions, it is possible to say that a certain level of machine understanding follows from a certain educational path.

The LHC will not create a black hole that eats the Earth, I am absolutely certain of that now. The concept of the black hole is flawed and misapplied. There are, however, things that are absolutely dangerous that could be created by such a device if it were configured properly. I do not think they have the skill or understanding to create them.

They idea that a black hole is some spiritual like object is absurd. Just because it cannot be explored and measured as massively heavy objects, the scientists and press are free to attribute cultural myths to the process. The horrific and turbulent monster of twisted time and space that may eat the very soul of a human. DUH! ( Moon is made of green cheese ) ( Martian canals ) ( sun is Ra the god ) ( stars are the campfires of gods ) ( Earth is flat ) ( gamma rays are beneficial to healthy people ) ( x-rays are harmless ) (PCBs make good road oils ) ( .......


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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