Linux DNA device interface

I am working toward device drivers that do several things. One is a DNA device that allows cat, grep, sed, and other manipulations to take place on a strand of DNA in the device that houses it ( I.E. cat /dev/Dna/ant/Chromosome3 | grep GTCGTACA ). Another is the 3D and interface that guides the ants by producing a sound of a trapped ant in a 3D position of a matrix, thus directing the ant to produce a specific path through a material. It is very much like the X-windows interface that uses a stream to control a virtual 3D device, but in this case it is a real 3D matrix which eventually gets filled with liquid transistor material to make a neural array ( this is the same model as the ant brain mod, which alters the nerve paths of an ant). Another device is the virtual 3D space of a nano / micro / milli world. That is not a virtual world, but a real physical world that exists at a small scale.

This is why I need device drivers for the interface and I have written device drivers for winedow$ before and I assume the process is much easier, more open, and better documented than W$.dlls. I have investigated it a bit already and I have the general idea and I will try implementing one through a USB to one of my simple flashable micro-controllers.

It is an essential part of the entire system which is intended to be completely self replicating and automated from the level of the logic to the interface to Linux.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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