Ants with opposable thumbs

Ants with opposable thumbs seems like a good genetic mod as it creates an mechanism / organism that can be so small that it can modify things at a chemical level. Some might consider ants to be pests and I guess that is because they don't know how to control them. The continuous push to nano-technology and horribly convoluted designs that attempt to mimic that which is natural and easy to create seems odd to me. Certainly the idea of taking the cow genes for milk production is cute, but it is a holistic system and there are other issues to consider when you separate the chemicals from the system.

The problem with using things that are available to everybody, like ants and yeast is that somebody can't control it in a centralized manner. In order for governments to operate, they need to have a continuous revenue stream from products and if energy ( and product of energy ATP - cell replication - material structure ) is available by the safe conversion of nuclei, then they can only apply their control and tax at a spatial level. This means that they must have a military / police that interacts with individuals in the same way that feudal land lords did in the "Middle Ages".

There are other issues developing in science that make the idea of centralized control a virtual impossibility without consuming humanity itself. I can make my own bread - ice cream - clothes - tools - and all other things I need with out using nanotech or biotech. I find it odd when I see ice cream at the store, because they are charging 10 times what the raw materials are worth to have a convenience of it boxed and stored in a freezer to buy.

It is a very odd time and I don't see the economic problems of "Wall Street" as something that can be fixed. It is a symptom of the collapse of the kind of system designed to control a population of "Serfs" and not a population of technologically advanced individuals who have capabilities that are beyond the control mechanisms that are designed to be implemented by people of limited skill and cruel tendencies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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