I'm confused

I understand that this economy thing is horrible, but I can't figure out why. I am going to go through the process for my benefit. Starting with an ear of corn from the fields. I need somebody to help me write a program to automate the harvest and so I will sell my ear of corn to the granary who sells it to Kellogs and then to some programmer. They tell me that the corn is almost worthless now because of the economy. I can only get 1 tenth of its worth ( exaggeration helps here ). I agree to sell the corn at 1/10 and use the money. While I am doing that a programmer is in need of a job and they tell him that they can only pay 1/10 of his salary. At the same time Kellogs is charging the same price for the cornflakes that they sell to keep programmers alive and the tax on the cornflakes is still the same. Also the company that hired the programmer is charging the same price for his software services. Now I may be an idiot, but it seems that what happens is that I get less and the programmer gets less and the middle men and government gets more and neither of them does any work to produce product.

I am quite sure that if I said I would trade my ear of corn to the programmer and even give him more corn if he could program my machine to harvest the corn and convert it into flakes, I would be arrested as a criminal for interfering with them robbing me. As I said, I may be an idiot, but I am not sitting here imagining that what is being done is anything less than a very convoluted slavery and theft enforced at the point of a gun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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