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By using focused fields I can modify the neural pathways of insects and reprogram them to follow certain activity pathways. I think that neural scientists have the whole idea of experimentation all wrong. If I destroy a few pathways in the brain of a spider or ant I can get it to do almost anything and it is a self replicating device that can do work. I can get the ants to dig the foundation for a house and they can build their own homes at the site and feed themselves with the junk in the ground. I can make a spider spin a web that is more sensible and keeps the insects out of the house, and provides its own food more effectively.

Instead of trying to deal with the extreme complexity of things like monkeys and cats and people, it is easier to learn and modify the simple neural arrays inside an insect. I can't yet modify the phenotype at a genetic level, but I can vary the neural connections so that it functions to perform predictably to my interests. The key is understanding how the neurons interact as individuals almost. It is using nature like cows and plants for the benefit of human life, but it is just a great deal more elegant than having a hive of bees and handling them with interactive techniques.

I don't have the complete model for my project ( antfarmGL ) completed yet, however I think I am very close to integrating all the technology and the simulation of real physical neural arrays in insects as a start. Along with the test modifications of the insect brains, I can be sure that the model is correct.

Pudding is for eating. The actual physical applicability is the only true measure of valid science.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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