End cartoon violence

I have reported on cartoon violence on this blog here and here. I have an update on the stick figure assault. It appears that the DoD has gotten involved and they have sophisticated facial recognition software that they are applying to the live stick figure video. They say that they have 3 points of similarity to a famous stick figure terrorist "Achmed Al Ben StickMal". Apparently xkcd stick figures had nothing to do with the attack. I know this will prompt conspiracy theories because of their association to the "Linux Mafia" and the "Army of LOLCats".

I plead that all bits should live in peace. Whether you are a zero or a one, we cannot have digital data unless the bits work together and though zero has some negative connotations, I hope that the ones do not get too complacent because they are a simple inverter away from zero.

--By Alice Infinity


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen