Trust but verify

I happened upon this little bit of information and it describes things not to do with a Linux machine. Security is an issue and if you don't understand shell scripting it can be dangerous if you trust the wrong source for information. THIS LINK shows some things that could be abused when working with the shell or just running programs from untrusted sources. It goes into fork bombs and tar bombs and the ever famous rm variations. These type of things have been around since the first computer. The reference is to provide a way to recognize the malicious hacks when they are presented. As always, if you have information on your computer that you feel you cannot lose to a system failure or even a malicious prank BACK UP EARLY, BACK UP OFTEN!

I am testing GIMP 2.6.1 and I wouldn't recommend that a person upgrade unless they have an ability to understand what it means to get bleeding edge software and how to back out gracefully if it doesn't work.

I sometimes describe techniques here and I make an attempt to include all relevant risks, but like everybody and everything, it is very difficult to be perfect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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