Strange present

I am a little shocked that the universe is so coherent when you understand the underlying process. Certainly there are applications that I have not yet discovered, but what I know for sure is so bizarre that it stuns me. The world can never be the same again and I am glad that I am aware of this before somebody else, as it is a complete world scrambler. I am trying to identify what a culture would be like with this technology and where they would be. It seems that it is likely that this is the ultimate space technology and it would not be visible to the types of telescopes in current use. I doubt that it would be 'visible' at all in any EM ( electro magnetic ) spectrum.

It is possible for me to make a personal neutrino communication device now. It means that many of the ways in which # echo -e "governments \n gangs \n dictatorships\n" | rl -rc 13 # organize and control are obsolete.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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