Now I am completely certain

I can predict the decay of radioactive materials, not just if and probability but when and why a nucleus decays. The net result is the ability to cause that decay at any time. This is proof of concept. This is the store of energy that can be unlocked to produce virtually unlimited energy and energy is what fuels continued life. It is money and it is power and life. There is no need for investment in that which is available everywhere like the wind. This is the future, not fading into heat death grasping to drag the last ounce of energy out of trash, wind, water, and cow farts.

The idea of health care insurance that costs more than a person makes in a lifetime is absurd. Giving money to rich bankers as blackmail is absurd. Maintaining monopolies is absurd. Spreading war in the world is absurd. Let us be gone and free in space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen