It is Singularity

Today 9-23-2008 is singularity day. It has happened. With enough energy it is possible to make anything we want, whether food, medicine, machines, rockets, shelter. The coming of the industrial age was when the energy of fuels was harnessed in machines and the beginning of the atomic age was when it was discovered there was massive amounts of energy in the conversion of mass to E. It is complete now and it is possible to have personal fusion to produce energy. If energy is money then a new way to have money is now possible from matter.

The equation for power is changed, it is no longer possible to control others with energy or the cost of it or the effect of it. The only possible way that people could screw this up is to have a war to make a single power that controls all of Earth. I suspect that this is easily possible. When nuclear power was first discovered it was not considered a way to have everyone free, but to enslave them. I find it very sketchy that anyone could isolate this power and control others without a complete and utter fall into totalitarianism. That doesn't mean that someone won't try, but it is not an easy or clean process and would mean massive amounts of death and destruction.


Oberon said... lenard walson.....look through his telescope.

Paul Mohr said...

I understand that the photos have been shown to be a hoax. Also, the videos have been taken down. I am not a big believer in UFO's because they wouldn't find anything here of value or interest unless there is some strange fact that I am not yet aware of.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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