Strange future

I have been mixing technologies and games while attempting to define a core operating method for the universe. The last two days I have been investigating a specific characteristic of matter and I am fairly certain that it explains superconductng, conduction, nuclear mechanics, and light itself in a very coherent and predictable way. A theory that does not project new and predict is literally useless. I was roughly sure of the outline of it and was making some changes to fit the process and model math and mechanics together.

It is consistent, and that in no way implies that it is complete or even correct. In addition to AI and molecular technology, this is a real major shift in capabilities. It implies that it is possible to have clean "fusion" if that is the right word for it. The associations of matter have certain available energies due to their state and the ability to catalyze a transition which is stable but exothermic makes that energy available.

Energy and the intelligent application of it leads to solutions for many social problems. The maintenance of life depends on both of these things. The biggest problem still remains, which is the fact that every technology can be applied to satisfy personal gain over others. This merely slows the process, but people don't necessarily function to find the most reasonable solution, but the one that satisfies their emotional structure. As a response to that, the insistence that a norm be established and forced on everyone is absurd and counterintuitive. It becomes even more absurd when it is applied to a irregularly shaped, two dimensional, sphere surface structure (country).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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