Atomic Information (AI)

I am very sure that I now have the complete equations for a proton. I also understand the process that creates them originally and why they decay. This is what a real theory does. It is not a theory that says that (imaginary) force causes ( poorly characterized ) effect and is created by a combination of mathematical model and statistical analysis. There must be a system within that operates on the same principles as the universe. This I always knew. I can now say for certain that LHC will not destroy the Earth, it is redundant and may serve some purpose to verify the structure of the nucleus, but even that is doubtful as there are better and more reasonable ways to deal with nuclear materials than smashing them together and hoping to get a hint.

It is now possible to have clean nuclear energy with no radiation side effect and no byproducts. The result is that it is possible to explore space. The biggest problem is amount of energy in a mass that will propel it out of the gravity well. Now the question is:

Who will rule space.

This is a very big deal and I understand that. This is the pivotal change that was necessary to change an Earth bound culture to a space culture. This is going to be a VERY odd year. Energy is what determines how much change can exist. Intelligence determines how well. Definitely going to be a grab for power by some sociopath. I wonder how many people on this planet could understand what has taken me fifty three years to understand completely? I am guessing that this will not result in duplicate invention by somebody else. Some things require too much background to even speculate about.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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