Alice Immortality (AI)

I have been making textures with openGL fonts and the frame buffer. They are the text of the code that creates different objects like a cube. The textures are applied to the object that is created by the code that is converted to openGL text which is converted to a texture.So the texture of objects is the code that creates them and then like a url link the selection of that object also select its code, its instantiation, its category, and its position as indirect information depending on context.


The XML to code conversion worked well and it is interesting that the code can produce the program that modifies the code that creates the program. It isn't all that odd as I can make machine code that is action() - exit() and then have a program that converts the statement action() - exit() to the appropriate machine code for a specific processor. That is code also. It is compare and exchange and store. So the very core of programming is to either create the data bytes or structure that performs an operation or do so in an indirect way. This is very similar to the type of algorithm that is inherent in life. The imperfect replication leads to change and more or less suitability to expand again in the universe as it exists at the time of the change. It is imperfection and death of the less suitable that define life. The suitability is not determined by the physical form entirely. The principles operate outside the realm of physicality.

In >( out tee change ) > δ:[in δ.δ] > Out > ( out tee real) >In > δ > δ.δ:[in δ.δ.δ] (loop δ). =Out.( from tee real) > =In.( from tee change ) : In > δ.δ.δ (end loops δ.δ)

The previous is much more understandable when viewed in the program itself and the textual representation of concepts is a poor substitute for viewing the process in action.

Suitability for the environment. Gathers and repeats with variation and if it is perfect, it will survive forever. The underlying principles are immortal and the process is immortal, but the instants of form and shape will continuously change. Somewhere in there are many immortalities that represent what must always be. There are also many more things that will never remain.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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