Now a plan

I have been considering the possibilities for days and it is not a simple technology. My knowledge of nanometer fabrication, genetics, semiconductor wafer technology, crystal growing, thermonuclear and fusion power, software, networks, artificial intelligence, AFM, mathematics, topology and many other areas allows me to make a plan.

The first step is to isolate space in such a way that it cannot be influenced by any power that exists on this planet. I would guess ( if I had to ) that this technology exists abundantly in the rest of the universe and is the founding technology of space based culture. The complete set of technology would require the ability to gather energy and apply it in such a way to produce control circuitry and biological structure from the raw materials that exist in abundance. The goal would be to have a device which took any matter as input and maintained a biological existence ( person ) and produced the common materials that are required for life, such as proteins, oxygen, H2O, warmth, cooling, shelter and repair. It would also be designed to move the enclosure with the energy within it. It would be possible to propel a complete environment as it exists on the Earth, but that would be improper as it would then mean that it would be subject to the same temporal and mechanical limitations that Earth culture is dependent upon.

Certainly there is no more important technology that exists now. Though it isn't really fantastic and doesn't warp space and time or depend on some magical characteristic, it does serve my purpose in being a free individual and grow in understanding of the universe for some longer period of time that would allow me to see for myself what is present in the vast universe of 1022+ stars.

I suppose if I was as insane as every other culture that has existed on this planet, I would first make a weapon that would destroy entire nations and leave no radioactive traces behind. That would be the way that many would think, and impose their psychosis on others. I see no gain in being king of anything, but just avoiding the despots that like to parade about wallowing in the admiration of susceptible minds. I don't see the potential gain that would come from enslaving a people who have no skill I need, and no new knowledge that could be advantageous. There are certainly some brilliant and capable people that should be helped and I intend to do that. I expect nothing from them and hope they expect nothing from me except knowledge to release and apply energy and a good deal of space between us.

I don't know the poet, but I remember something like "Good fences, make good neighbors".The type of genetic pressure that results from the constant warring tribes and tin monarchs on this planet does not favor intellect IMHO.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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