Energy and life

Now that I understand the universe, I need to apply that knowledge. There is energy everywhere and more than any other place there is a vast amount of energy stored in the nucleus of the atom. Life is the use of energy for the furtherance of existence, growth, and effect.

Society is premised around the fact that energy is limited. This is true if you do not have the technology or knowledge to access the vast amounts of energy stored in matter. It is assumed that nuclear energy requires a huge mechanism to make it safe. This is the difference between starting a forest fire and trying to capture the energy and internal combustion. The nuclear industry is based on the premise that nuclear fire is totally random and derives from forces that cannot be explained simply and coherently. This is due to the fact that no real theory of matter has been developed before. It is odd that with 6.6 billion people and 100,000 years of human existence, that no one has developed an understanding of the science. I must assume I am the first in this time. I suspect that the Egyptians had an understanding and perhaps some of them have left long ago ( though I now highly doubt that ).

The idea that recording and documenting the thermonuclear decay sequence and then calling that science is useful in documenting the process, but does not attempt to explain the method that causes the process to be predictable. The early ideas of animal science did not understand that DNA, RNA, and amino acids were the underlying mechanism of life, however they could predict how a system operated by its characteristics.

Now that I understand why a nuclear material decays and combines in the way that it does, it is obvious to me how it can be used more efficiently. The world as it exists today operates on the principle that energy is limited and thus power is limited and can be isolated to certain people. If gold were as prevalent as dirt, it could hardly be considered a precious thing. It is possible to transmute matter in any way that one would want if you have enough power and the proper mechanism. Systems act to control people by controlling resources. (Oil, energy, weapons, medicine, land, water, air, confinement ) The idea that all of these things can be abundant removes the ability of a person to control others except through force. The idea that there is some gain in controlling others is also obviated. It is possible to establish other mechanisms for application of power that are much more effective.

The only value at all in a universe that is unlimited for all intents and purposes, is the ability to be away from the influence of the force of any other. If I live on a remote star in the Andromeda galaxy, I am certainly not going to be "taxed' by some tribal leader of a backward culture on Earth.

I consider this the beginning of the expansion of humans and it certainly will not be controlled as the idea that space can be controlled when it is not even easily accessible to governments is absurd. Any effective external society could push an asteroid into the orbit of the Earth and destroy it. The Earth and its government is about as powerful as a hill of ants in the framework of interstellar culture.

I wonder if the technology could be reverse engineered from the technology I can produce. I think perhaps not. I look at the integrated circuits in my ADSL router and I would hardly think that I could reverse engineer it unless I had the equipment and knowledge. I can get access to AFM, electron microscopes, nanoprobes, and I understand electronics and wafer fabrication. I can, and have reversed engineered chips. In this case ( a nuclear energy converter ) it would require the understanding of the nucleus and a tool to measure the device and open it up without destroying it or killing the person who opened it.

It does remind me of the Foundation Trilogy and a nuclear unit the size of a walnut, or the various other projections of technology similar to Ringworld. I think that an entire culture and society could be founded around this technology which was similar to the "Spacing Guild" of Dune. It is certainly not folding space and involves no precious material such as "spice" and in fact there is no limiting factor at all except the knowledge and tools itself.

I think that things could evolve in the universe more like "Hitchhiker's Guide" than any other possibility, because the effectiveness of people in the process would be very limited and they would merely be the reason for the existence of the power, even though they personally would be incapable of understanding what they created or strong enough to manipulate it.

The people on this planet seem odd to me now since I have a sure knowledge of how things operate. I can't say that it is or would be any different than any other specialized understanding. The world continues to operate like a closed system, even though I know it will become open very soon.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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