Neunschwanzige katze

The continuous recombination of technology has become so chaotic that I can hardly comment on what is going on. People may talk of the five nines, but what of the nine of nines who are six? Dog poop in Israel is now scanned for DNA, and soon it will be humans. Some say that GATTACA is here and as always the movies may introduce the subjects, but the reality of it is something else. Do I own myself and does anybody else own their own genetic existence? They say that if you don't want your dog's DNA scanned, don't let it poop on the street. Each person sheds cells every day and so I would guess that it might be considered littering if your DNA is inferior?® (same old shit as always).

I can hardly think of the possibilities, let alone comment. Too many things are happening with AI, games, internet, robots, genetics, physics and society to make any simple credible predictions of how it will resolve. It is bound to be an odd year.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen