Anonymous Intelligence AI

Pandora gets a new device in her toy chest today, which I accidentally discovered with the interaction between the self programming neural circuits and the constructed genotype to phenotype style model generation. It uses a gene key which I use to determine various properties of a generated model. It is contained in an XML file and it generates all the code for the program and allows me to do variable management in lists without repeating the variables and procedures several times. I have incorporated the spirit of littleb and other projects like Beowulf and bots. It is becoming a sticky wicket because I have reconsidered the core style numerous times now and I am very close to releasing the basic elements, but they must be right if I expect to use it for another 30 years.

The universe certainly has many surprises to come and I enjoy finding these little tidbits even if I don't add them to the arsenal of human destruction. I may find some positive or defensive use one day.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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