Deep predictions of dark matter and ants

Based on my understanding of how the universe operates, I will make a prediction well beyond what I normally like to consider.

It will become known that many different forms of dark matter exist and that new techniques of EM rad will be developed that allow them to be imaged and quadruple the amount of information about the stellar universe. It is known that materials absorb and emit light based on the nature of an - atomic system - to change state based upon that radiation. It requires a new type of sensor and that could be constructed from a thermionic source or could be already happening and the effect is simply attributed to another mechanism.

Separately the antfarmgl is going well and I hope to have the core procedures on the sourceforge site soon. I am a perfectionist and the core procedures must be stable, extensible, fast, easy to use, understandable, and complete. There are certain things that I intend for the system and designing in the capabilities must be done in the core and the expansion should be simple, intuitive and almost automatic. Some parts are intended to be completed by the AI itself.

I have learned a few new things about openGL, 'C', shell, editors, SSH, UDP, linked lists, encryption, SVG, models, VRML, Sql, and many other methods in the process and I am incorporating documentation of them as best I can.

As far as my favorite subject (Myrmecology), it has become known for sure that the 'Martian ant' is real and its DNA is sequenced. There will no doubt be many new discoveries of organisms that do not conform to the common perception of evolution. I have a very strong impression from my studies that something akin to dark life exists on this planet. It simply would be so different in its form that it is not able to be understood. Some organisms that exist deep in the earth are an example of odd niches that can exist. I suggest that there is some life that is not water based.

<spoof>Due to the economic collapse on Wall street, the corn in Iowa has disappeared from the fields and the amount of sunlight has been reduced by 10%. The tractors now move slower and some worms are being laid off. Sweet corn tastes less sweet and new seeds will probably not grow.</spoof>

In another area the government is trying to force Amish and other anti technology farmers to chip their cows and if they do that they may quit selling food to others which would be a very bad consequence. More than anything else this is absolutely necessary to continued life, food and water is necessity, oil, paper money, and gold are not.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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