Knaughty light and Maxwell's daemon dog

James Clerk is one of my favorites and this article at Next Big Future about light and Em fields is very interesting since I had just came to the same realization just yesterday. It references an article abstract on light at Nature Physics. It has implications far beyond what they discuss which is focus fusion. If you combine this fact with others it gives more new understanding than LHC can produce. The way in which these things interact is very interesting and if you consider gravity and how light and gravity interact, it leads to some very interesting possibilities.

Normally I am all over these things long before they happen, but this is right on the edge of my own understanding. The difference is that instead of fusion, I see something else, which is computation with fields and what implications it has deeper in the riddle of the universe which is the interactive structure of nuclei. The other thing is that M's equations have application to gravity and my post yesterday was just a little riddle game. What I call gravitational magnetism expresses itself in advance of perihelion for one thing and many others. It is interesting that the real world applications of relativity are very few and far between. It is because the ideas incorporated there are mixed with science fiction like time travel. If you use time as a parameter and not a reality, these things make much more sense.

It is very difficult for me to consider so many areas at the same time and it actually makes me tired, but it does have implications in AI minds.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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