Sustainibilty model of open source in victory

The acceptance of open source concepts in many areas is becoming a reality and in order for it to be sustainable requires some glue to hold all of it in place. The governments since forever have found that making coins is a way to advertise their power over others. I wonder if a coin could be minted and sold which allowed the person to show the power of the individual. Perhaps a Penguin pence that allowed the user a free upgrade to Linux from Windows? You would never have to spend it, and thus it would be magical. Or perhaps a wandering programmer is stranded in the deserts of a distant planet and is discovered starving and he trades his Penguin for food and the farmer says, "Oh you are the one who wrote the code for my hydroponics, I have a suggestion, and by the way keep the coin for when you might need it again." Son: "Oh father, he is a follower of the POSIX core, he is speaking in shell script!"

I think a better technique to avoid counterfeiting could be devised and implemented by the open source community. I have a few ideas about that myself. A person could be awarded Penguins for service to humanity, just like a Nobel prize.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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