Drive-in internet

I had an odd dream about a TV set mounted on my roof and a person a few miles away with a telescope and a video camera. I thought about this and it seems that a person could have a fairly high data rate with such a setup. It would be point to point and you could put a box around it so that it was only visible from a certain direction. It wouldn't be subject to FCC regulation as it is light and it could even be driven by sunlight as a back light. It would cause no RF interference and though it would be subject to interference from all types of atmospheric conditions, it would still be completely free of regulation. It isn't as high techy as a laser or microwave tower, but it would be possible to create channels and alternates that function like the internet to route when conditions did not permit line of sight data quality.

There are other ways that are possible to have free internet and one is the open source 802.11. There are some very elegant solution that I have done that are also non-standard. I think the solution must contain some self funding algorithm and that is where things get interesting. If a person pays 70$ per month for internet and they use very little of the bandwidth on average, then it would seem that the combined economics of free locally and paying for a link between cities at a higher data rate could be supported.

Information that is requested everyday could be cached for everybody and not accessed a million times individually. The weather is a common interest to people and I wonder how many times the people in this town download weather conditions that are often collected from individuals who live in the path of storms. It would not be hard for me to say there are storms from the west and they are moving SE and report this to a common net and have better live weather maps than the media as they can't be everywhere at once.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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