Slingshots and asteroids

I was thinking about the asteroid problem and it seems that using the asteroid as a slingshot to translate the motion of a projectile 180 degrees around would create the maximum deflection of the object in the direction you desired. Sling shotting is used for spacecraft and it seems that it would be the maximum possible change in direction, Just another odd thought and subject to change at any moment and also subject to any new physics laws passed by your local government.

I think that I understand how a country that considers itself moral can fall into a state of decay. It is the idea of moral principle that becomes distorted and detached. Experiments have shown that some people will virtually shock a person to death if somebody they view as an authority tells them it is okay. I don't think that we have completely fallen into a moral trap in the US, but we are headed that way. If 1 in a thousand people are in prison here, what does that say about us? I could imagine a time when somebody in the government says that it is too expensive to maintain the prisons and the only option we have is to 'sanitize' the population there to protect society since they cannot be maintained and cannot be released to commit another crime ( supposedly ). It is exactly what Germany , US, and other countries have done in the past. In the 1930's in the US, people were neutered to stop them from breeding new degenerates.

It is only a hop skip and jump from allowing the death penalty and torture to clean burning eugenics technology for the purification of evil. The thing is that those who would support eugenics should just jump in the furnace and that would solve that problem. People are a messy lot and that I think it is one of the most important characteristics they possess. It would be a very boring and unproductive world where everybody thought and acted the same way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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