Science as alchemy

The science that exists today is barely advanced from alchemy. The tools and methods seem extremely archaic to me. I can look at medicines and scientific claims to see that it is obvious that they have chosen a solution that is not realistic or effective. They are done this for many reasons and appears that learning from the mistakes is not even considered a valid scientific method.

The principles of the scientific method are inherently a rough draft of the principles which should be incorporated and the dogged adherence to its application without change is a failure in itself.

The scientific concept of a structure like the 'Spacing Guild' in Dune or similar concepts which have been elaborated is perhaps the only way to adapt to a situation which is incomprehensible to those who have established their norm from methods that they can employ, but are totally outdated and now ineffective to deal with the world in its current state of complexity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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