Apache indian technology

I am part American Indian and which part I am not sure :)

I have wondered why the American Indians never developed the wheel? It seems a little odd that in 20,000 years or so, that it would not occur to somebody that dragging something with a horse could be better done with even a 2 wheel luggage cart. In that same vein, how is it possible for a culture to exist for who knows how long and not see the advantage and find the means to implement a gravity based tool?

It is easy for me to say that it is obvious, but I know that it did not just create itself out of thin air. I had to search and learn and apply and create new ways of understanding. In that process it was obvious to me that the very principle of seeking that which is unknown is the most effective method of dealing with the chaos which is the universe. Is it possible that there is some physical inability which prevents some people from understanding concepts, even if they are laid out to be observed in their completeness. I think that is true. It is a common impression that Einstein was smarter than everybody else and that no person grasped what he understood. So I would assume it is true from that.

In some ways it might be said that from his perspective, every other person was mentally challenged and suffered from a disability. I see how the concept of the absent minded professor calms the fears of people that they might be manipulated and it is in fact just a manipulation itself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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