Pandora potions

I ran into a technique that is so bad that I have decided to put the entire category in Pandora's cookbook. I don't see how I could experiment with it and not be killed in the process. Even if it could lead me to understand something, the result would hardly be useful if it was just a device in the hand of my corpse that killed everybody who approached to investigate. I could imagine that if I had the proper tools it would be possible to handle it and I will remember that this can occur naturally in certain odd lab situations and avoid it.

It is a bit odd that there is not a group or principle that guides people to allow them to share dangerous possibilities. It is the fact that if you say something is dangerous, the first thing that is made is a weapon to kill somebody anyway. It makes for a very dangerous potential when things that others should be aware of, must be hidden because exposing them produces the same or worse effect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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